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Home Upgrade to Make or Avoid

Congratulations! You finally moved into the home of your dreams. Well, almost the home of your dreams. Maybe you’re thinking of upgrading to high-end kitchen appliances, or converting the bedroom next to the master into a huge walk-in closet. Whatever you’re planning, don’t leap into any major projects until you’ve had a chance to live in your new home for a while and think about your real estate goals, experts advise. 

Planning to stay a few years until your family needs something bigger? Considering living there until you can sell for a nice profit? Feeling the urge to tackle a bunch of DIY projects to customize the home to fit your lifestyle? They’re all great pursuits. But it’s good to know how each modification might help or hurt your property’s future–as well as your own.

Healthy Home Habits for 2020

Each year, most of us come up with New Year resolutions and vow to stick to them. The feeling of a fresh start can be inspiring and lead us to take steps toward self improvement or achieving new goals.

But, as a homeowner or even a renter, it can also be a great idea to make resolutions that revolve around your home. We all get caught up in crazy, day-to-day tasks, and sometimes keeping our homes happy and healthy can feel challenging.

Décor Trends for Fall and Winter

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkin spice goodies and home makeover trends dominate Pinterest boards and magazine covers. Here are a few key trends for fall and winter:

Woodsy Vibes
Type in DIY wood pallet on Pinterest and watch the firestorm that comes back. This year, it’s all about mixing woods and stains. Whether you prefer the unfinished, rustic look or lean toward deep cherries and intense oaks, this is the year to mix it up and experiment.

Heavy Knits
The financially savvy understand the best way to redecorate is with accessories. Instead of a new couch or table, upgrade a room with throw pillows and blankets or candles and mirrors. Fall 2018 is all about chunky, cozy blankets. Find one in a deep purple or midnight blue and toss it over an armchair, then hibernate with a cup of hot tea and enjoy the laid-back charm of a happy home.

Citizen of the World
Cultural themes are too matchy-matchy. This year, people want to mix patterns from all over the globe. So hit up your favorite boutique and look for paisleys, ornate Indian prints, handmade pottery, and dyed textiles. Imagine tassels, rope, and safari prints on everything, including throw pillows and wall art. Celebrate earthy textures like volcanic stone and amber in rich colors of berry and ebony.

Contemporary Charm
Like seasons past, the neutral minimalism of modern décor never goes out of style. Set a wicker chair on an oatmeal-colored natural-fiber rug and breathe in the effortless charm of the artisan-inspired home. Use natural materials to offset pops of color, like handblown glassware on a silver tray.



117 Calle Bello-A Home with Stunning Mountain Views!

This double-threat has gorgeous mountain AND ocean views! Take a look!

With all the hustle and bustle of living in the city, you may be finding yourself in need of some fresh air, some middle-of-nowhere peace and quiet, and, of course, mountain views. Buying a home on the outskirts could mean a better place to raise a family, dealing with no traffic, lower crime rates, and space for days.

Here, we rounded up 14 homes for sale in Southern California with some of the most breathtaking mountain views you’ve ever come across to help make that decision ASAP.


14 Homes With Stunning Mountain Views

Home Offices to Keep You Focused

Is your perfect office can be a quiet, secluded room in your home? A cozy seat on your veranda? Take a look at these “perfect for me” home offices!

Back to school means one of two things for parents: Back to piles and piles of weekly homework, or, if your students are college-aged, back to a quiet, empty nest.

Home offices are a great solution for keeping your work, whether school-related or not, separate from the rest of your home life. You or your child can work hard, then close the door when it’s time to relax. 

Or, if your students are away in college, you may find yourself with an extra bedroom to spare.

Find inspiration from these 11 homes offices, they’ll have you ready to knock out a project or study for an exam in no time.

11 Home Offices for Every Student Back in School

Looking for that perfect “in-town” getaway?

13 homes you will love to vacation in! Are you ready to buy a second home? One of these may be just your style!

If you’ve done your research, you may know that owning a second home or a vacation home is a goal that many aspire to and can have many benefits. If you’re still undecided, you might want to read our guide on what to know when buying a vacation or second home.

Once you’re ready to make that investment, the next step is finding a home that fits your needs. 

We found 13 homes for sale in Southern California that are the right price and in the right location (because, let’s face it, any home in Southern California is in the right location) to be considered as a second home.



13 Homes You Will Love to Vacation In

Preparing Your Home for Sale

On a daily basis I am bombarded with real estate industry related blogs and articles. When I come across one that resonates with me, or that I think is worth sharing, I want to share it!

I came across a blog post on (1) written by Catrini Sun-Tan (2) detailing her come-aways from binge watching the Netflix show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”. Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing expert and author of four books on organizing. Her books have been translated from Japanese into many languages including Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian, French, German, Swedish and English.

The entire post is well worth reading!

Selling the House and ‘Tidying Up:’ What We Learned From Binge-Watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix Show

To get you started here is a list of how each of the episodes relates to preparing a home for sale:

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.
One of the more important, and stressful, preparations for a home sale is de-cluttering. Finding the joy and fun in this daunting task can make it make more easy-going.                                                                                                                                       One step at a time
With so much to do, we can become paralyzed. Breaking down tasks into smaller pieces can make the process much easier to manage.
The more the merrier.
Get friends and family involved and turn those chores into a party
Cut the Cord
In order to navigate what is often a very emotional time, the separation process is critical. Without detaching from the home, everything becomes more difficult and takes more time.
Know Where You’re Going
Visualize your destination before you begin the trip.
Do I NEED That?
Belongings should have a purpose. The first step in the decluttering process is identifying what items have a purpose and what items are just taking up space.
Be Grateful for What you Have
Appreciating what you have, what has meaning, and what brings you joy makes it much easier to let go of the things that do not.
Honor Where You’ve Been and Where You’re Going
Before you begin this journey, appreciate your home and the memories you have in it as well as your new home and future that awaits.

1 HomeLight is a real estate referral company based in San Francisco, CA. Although HomeLight is itself a real estate broker, it does not provide services typical of a broker. Instead, HomeLight works with a network of participating real estate brokers in various markets to which they refer customers. Wikipedia
2 Catrina is a native San Franciscan with a B.A. in Psychology and minor in Cinema and Media Studies from Wellesley College. A storyteller at heart, she loves to write about people, films, and of course, real estate. Don’t be surprised if you catch her browsing luxury homes on Instagram or obsessing over the latest market trends.

The Neighborhoods of Santa Barbara

Breaking down Santa Barbara suburbs

Santa Barbara has a diverse range of suburbs, neighborhoods, cities, and places to call home. Whether you’re a surfer, a hiker, or a connoisseur of all things food and wine — Santa Barbara offers a little something for everyone

Its year-round sunshine and beautiful climate make it one of California’s top destinations. Between its beautiful wine country, art galleries, and world-renowned restaurants, it’s easy to see why so many people try living in this unique location. If you’re considering a move to the Santa Barbara suburbs, you’re most likely curious about what they have to offer.

From Carpinteria to Montecito, San Roque and Summerland — we’re breaking down everything you need to know about Santa Barbara’s most popular areas. From places to eat, explore, and shop, here’s what you can expect when choosing to find your dream home in these Santa Barbara locations.


Carpinteria is a charming and quaint city, filled with restaurants, shopping, and a community-vibe perfect for families. It’s home to Carpinteria State Beach and a popular main street, Linden, that is great for strolling on a sunny afternoon.

Places to eat

The Worker Bee Cafe

This cozy cafe is a popular spot for breakfast omelets and shakes. There’s a pet-friendly patio so feel free to bring your pups while you enjoy your meal.

Gianfranco’s Trattoria

For an Italian spot that serves up Tuscan specialties, this warm restaurant is a good option for a date night out or a special family gathering.

Corktree Cellars

In addition to couches and a cool patio, Corktree Cellars is also known around Carpinteria for their wine tasting and small plates.

Places to explore

Carpinteria Bluff’s Nature Preserve

For camping, hiking, and swimming, this nature preserve is the place to be. There are scenic bluffs fit for picnics and plenty of places to see the seals.

Carpinteria Valley Museum

This museum focuses on the local area’s past — everything from Native American artifacts to a variety of Victorian antiques.

Tar Pits Park

A unique spot filled with rare natural asphalt lakes, Tar Pits Park is home to ocean views and scenic trails for hikes and walks.

Places to shop

Murphy’s Vinyl Shop

If you have an interest in music, this cool storefront on Carpinteria Avenue is home to everything from vinyl to memorabilia to gifts and posters.

Seaside Makers Collective

For bath, body, and home, the Seaside Makers Collective is a fun place in the neighborhood to hunt for coastal artisan gifts.

Traveling Pants

If you’re planning to move to Carpinteria with little ones, Traveling Pants is the place to go. It’s an upscale resale for kids with clothes, books, and toys.


If you’re looking for a suburb that’s rich with luxury and a village-like feel, the lovely Montecito might be your best bet. This city has a stunning coastline, a great surf break (Hammond’s Point), and a bunch of trails to help you maintain an active lifestyle.

Places to eat

Cava Restaurant & Bar

Complete with a pan-Latin menu, live music, and a patio, this fancy Mexican restaurant in Montecito is a great choice for a family affair or a lively meal with friends.

Tre Lune

Located on Coast Village Road, Tre Lune is an old-school dining hall that features Italian classics like pizza and pasta.

The Stonehouse Restaurant

This historic stone house is located in the famous San Ysidro Ranch and has a beautiful view and a romantic setting, complete with a wood-burning fireplace

Places to explore


A botanical garden with an assortment of exotic plants, Lotusland is the best place to get lost in on a sunny afternoon.

Butterfly Beach

This beach is equally as magical as its name, with a bike path and tons of scenic views worthy of a packed picnic lunch (or dinner).

Westmont Ridley-Tree Art Museum

Located in the Adams Center for the Visual Arts, this unique modern art museum features student work as well as a permanent collection.

Places to shop

Whiskey & Leather

This inspiring spot for fashion features womenswear as well as some menswear, too. The brands are youthful and the selection is great, from swimwear to sweaters.

Mate Gallery

If vintage finds make your heart sing, then Mate Gallery is the place to go. It has a nautical feel and is home to everything from candles to books.

Maison K

A home shop filled with gifts and worldly treasures, this shop is the perfect place to browse and get inspiration for filling your new Montecito home.

San Roque

Northwest of downtown Santa Barbara, you’ll find the residential neighborhood of San Roque, named after the San Roque Creek. It’s a place where many families choose to live, as its just far enough from the busy bustle of downtown but still close to all the best parts of Santa Barbara.

Places to eat

Harry’s Plaza Cafe

For the ultimate in comfort food, pay a visit to Harry’s Place Cafe for a homey meal. Known for their “generous drinks,” they’ve been a local legend since the late 60s.

Tee-Off Restaurant and Lounge

For the golfer in the group, visit this golf-themed eatery. It’s a place to watch the game, indulge in prime rib, and enjoy a cocktail or two.

Farmer Boy

Farmer Boy has been around since the 50s and is a favorite among San Roque locals for their breakfast and lunch (citrus dipped French toast included).

Places to explore

San Roque Park

Along 25 acres around San Roque Canyon, this park is filled with hiking trails, areas for picnics, and places for kids to play, including a playground. It also hosts events like spring adventure programs and herb walks.

Willow Glen Park

Families with small kids flock to this park, as it has a playground, places to ride bikes, and a soccer field.

Santa Barbara Natural History Museum

Located near East San Roque and Mission Canyon, this museum was founded in 1916 and works to connect local visitors with nature.

Places to shop

Vices and Spices

This boutique specialty shop is one of the gems of San Roque. They sell loose leaf tea, coffee beans, spices, and even locally made jewelry.

Chaucer’s Bookstore

Chaucer’s Bookstore offers a sense of nostalgia and charm. It has a good selection and is a perfect place to spend the afternoon reading and daydreaming.

La Cumbre Plaza

In Upper State Street near San Roque, you’ll find this charming outdoor mall. It has a quintessential Santa Barbara Mediterranean feel and shopping options like Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn.


Summerland is a relaxing haven by the sea with a small town feel. It has a classic beach vibe and is known for its local wines and wildlife. There are eateries, places for antique shopping, and spots for surfing, of course.

Places to eat

Summerland Beach Cafe

This Victorian house turned cafe serves everything from breakfast to burgers. It’s known for its airy atmosphere and home-style cooking.

Tinker’s Burgers

For a legendary, old-school burger shack, visit Tinker’s. They serve curly fries, milkshakes, burgers, sandwiches, and even soft tacos.

The Nugget

Summerland loves burgers and The Nugget is another place where you can enjoy one. It’s a family spot for burgers, steaks, salads, seafood, and saloon drink specials.

Places to explore

Summerland Beach

This wide, beautiful beach has nearby park access and is a favorite among locals, tourists, and residents from all over Santa Barbara.

Lookout Park

This lush park has views of the Channel Islands and offers easy pedestrian access. It’s a great spot for walks, playing with kids, and taking a stroll down the paved road to the beach.

Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary

To interact with singing and dancing birds, bring the family to the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary in Summerland. It’s a nonprofit that was founded to rescue companion parrots.

Places to shop

Summerland Winery

Stop by this dog-friendly boutique winery for a tasting and to pick up a few bottles. The winery is located just a few blocks from the beach and has a quaint seaside feel.

Summerland Antique Collective

Summerland is all about antique shopping. This antique collective is said to be home to one of the West Coast’s best curated collections of home decor, vintage jewelry, and more.

The Sacred Space

This truly sacred space has a collection of Buddhas, crystals, and inspirational items. Spend an hour or so in this magical store to instantly feel at peace.

Whether you’re choosing the relaxing seaside town of Summerland or the quaint beachy vibes of Carpinteria, we hope this guide has inspired you to find your dream Santa Barbara suburb.

Browse through our listings to find the Santa Barbara homes that fit your specific needs.

When you’re ready to get started on the next step, reach out to one of our experienced agents. Our team of experts will discuss with you the different places to live and help you narrow down the perfect location that fits you best. It all starts with finding the perfect agent and ours are ready and excited to create a rewarding experience for our buyers.