South Santa Barbara Real Estate Statistics

Let’s see how 2020 is shaping up! Real Estate Market Statistics are provided by Fidelity National Title Group and are generated from 3 sources:
CORT data, TitleFLEX and Santa Barbara MLS, and  edited and compiled from the Sales Team here at Fidelity National Title Group Santa Barbara.

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Home Upgrade to Make or Avoid

Congratulations! You finally moved into the home of your dreams. Well, almost the home of your dreams. Maybe you’re thinking of upgrading to high-end kitchen appliances, or converting the bedroom next to the master into a huge walk-in closet. Whatever you’re planning, don’t leap into any major projects until you’ve had a chance to live in your new home for a while and think about your real estate goals, experts advise. 

Planning to stay a few years until your family needs something bigger? Considering living there until you can sell for a nice profit? Feeling the urge to tackle a bunch of DIY projects to customize the home to fit your lifestyle? They’re all great pursuits. But it’s good to know how each modification might help or hurt your property’s future–as well as your own.