Summer Solstice in Santa Barbara

One thing that draws so many to reside in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara is its close community and the importance it places on culture and art.

When the days get longer and warmer, and the nights fall shorter, the city grows more colorful in preparation of its largest celebration of the arts. The Summer Solstice Celebration brings in over 100,000 visitors from around the world, beginning from what was a simple birthday celebration in 1974 for a popular artist and mime named Michael Gonzales.

The parade which takes place on Saturday, June 23 at 12pm will flood State Street with rainbows, giant puppets, music, dancing, drumming, whimsical floats and costumes. The Festival held at Alameda Park Friday, June 22 – Sunday the 24th is a free event which showcases live world music, dance performances, local groups, food vendors, and arts and crafts.

This vibrant Solstice celebration is unlike anything else!  In honor of all the brave women and men in our community who came together to help those in need  after this past years natural disasters, this years Solstice theme is ‘HEROES‘. For more information and a festival schedule visit